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Thread: Self and Atman

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    Shantanu Guest

    Self and Atman

    What is self and atman?

    My feeling is that when one talks to oneself and receives conscience-led advice, there are two things, the self as in myself, yourself himself itself, and the atman that guides one.

    When all traces of attachments and ego vanishes there is no self and only that atman remains as the Doer. This is when atman is Brahman.

    Could any one advise me on this?

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    Re: Self and Atman

    Are you still active on HDF @Shantanu ?

    Sorry for posting this after almost 2 years, as i'm not a regular visitor here due to the lack of activity or posts from other users.

    Anyway, i'll share with you what i've known in the past few years.

    In Advaita, the Self is not the body, mind or ego.
    The Self is Atman/Brahman.

    There are no multiple selves as you said in your post like himself, herself, myself ... No. That is not advaita. That is rather dvaita ... In the school of advaita, there is only one Self/Atman/Brahman in all of existence.

    You are wrong when you said atman is the doer.
    The Self/Atman/Brahman according to the scriptures is NOT the doer.
    Atman as per the scriptures is NOT the doer.
    Then who acts?
    Its the sheaths that acts. The sheaths are jada (insentient) on their own, but animated or enlivened by brahman/atman. That's how the sheaths acts.

    Just like a vaccum cleaner is insentient, but once is powered up by electricity, the machine starts functioning. Electricity ITSELF is not the doer but it makes the machine do its thing by powering it up.

    Advaitins believe in a vast, infinite cosmic spirit or cosmic consciousness which is the ground of reality, a substratum or a foundation known as Brahman.

    Brahman remains unmanifested in its true original state but also manifests Itself as jivas and jagat. After this manifestation, the jiva is pervaded by brahman.

    The uncleaved, undivided portion of infinite brahman that interpenetrates the 5 koshas/sheaths of the individual, is called Atman/Self.

    The Infinite spirit outside the pot/jiva is usually called brahman and the same uncleaved, indivisible brahman present inside the pot/jiva is called Atman/Self.

    When the traces of ego disappears, one attains its true Brahman/Atman nature.

    Hope that helps.

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