Namaste all

It is my opinion that it is not appropriate for one to mix up God with other gods in the guna consciousness.

There is one Creator God, who we know as Sri Krishna (male) and Durga (female). The Creator God by magic generated Brahman-Nature, what we Hindus call vyvaharika reality.

In Brahman-Nature there is a Trimurthi with Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva representing three corners of the triad.

In between this three corners millions of gods exist to guide individuals in their own particular truth paths. Brahma is the sattvic god, Vishnu is the rajasic god and Shiva is the tamasic god. There consorts in female form are Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati respectively.

If a person tends towards sattvic gunas (attributes) he or she will be blessed by Brahma; if a person is of rajasic gunas, he or she will be blessed by Vishnu; and if a person is of tamasic gunas, he or she will be blessed by Shiva. It is up to the individual which guna he or she wishes to be as a person and in doing so worship only that god in the Trimurti. The Creator God is represented in the Trimurti by Brahma and operates in Brahman-Nature by the Spirit of Truth (OM). One can therefore change one's gunas from tamasic to rajasic and also to sattvic depending one what is important to a person, what kind of character he or she chooses to be and then find that god only in the Trimurti as the one to worship.

Any comments or clarifications would be most welcome.