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This doesn't belong on a public forum

Seems that you have a lot of hate for various types of people.
pranam timetraveler

There is no question of having any hate for some people but of course there is a question of survival for many people. Eating non veg is exercising institutional obligation for followers having settled in the areas full of opportunities but for others who are living in remote locations eating non veg is necessary for survival . in this way food habit varies according to its availability and geographical location besides spiritual obligation. Strict compliance of institutional directives of food habit may push people of remote locations from Krishna bhajan to some other path of worship which will imply that they have no right to continue their Krishna bhajan . I have seen in puri where people are devotee of Jagannath eat fish in large scale owing to its abundance in the region . we all know Jagannath swsami is another form of shri Krishna. I have already quoted from chaitanya bhagavat how advaita prabhu criticized nityananda prabhu for eating fish and meat and even called him a drunkard. It implies that nityananda prabhu used to eat fish and meat. What more proof you need to realize that food habit has no relation with the practice of Krishna bhajan in general. Prabhupada himself accepted that killing of both plants and animals for food bears same amount of sin but of course as a human being we should not encourage unnecessary killing of them. Common people have no choice in the wake of famine to choose between veg and non veg. all such obligations operate when other things remain unchanged. So the best policy in this regard is taking into account desha kala and patra one should decide his food.