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Thread: Soul merging and de-merging

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    Soul merging and de-merging

    Om 🙏🙏

    Namaste 🙏🙏🙏😊😊😊

    I am faced with a peculiar observation, which led me to think whether there is concept of twin souls which has de-merged to take birth in different but opposite bodies. And possibly destined to merge again after this life. Who find completeness in each other and towards progression in spiritual journey.

    This came to my mind after the observation and led me to extrapolate my thoughts. As we move to higher lokas do we have series of twin souls at each level of progression ?

    As the super soul comes down the lokas does it divide itself to multiple souls ?

    The symbolic division of kheer after yagna by King Dasharatha resulting in four brothers with divided soul kind of matched with this idea.

    Did a bit of research and found concept of Twin Flame.

    Do any of you have similar observation or come across such knowledge in our scriptures ?

    Would help me a lot.

    Thanks and regards
    Love and best wishes:hug:

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    Re: Soul merging and de-merging

    Namaste Kallol

    It’s the first time I heared about this … the first thought that came into my mind was Narnarayana.

    There are two stories in Sarala Mahabharata about Krishna and Arjuna, the union and the separation.

    Krishna told Vyasa that there was no time when he and Arjuna were not bound in strongest togetherness. In Satya Yuga (the Aeon of Truth) Arjuna was the brahmin named Shrivatsa and once he hit Narayana hard on his chest. In the same aeon, when he manifested himself as Narasingha (Nrusingha), Arjuna was born as Prahalada (Prahlada), “And I,” said Krishna, “had sat him on my lap, O Vyasa!” In another aeon, when he was born as Rama, said Krishna, Arjuna was born as his brother, Bharata, and in the present aeon of Dwapara, “I have taken the avatara of Krishna and the same Bharata is born as Arjuna, O sage!”

    In the Sarala Mahabharata, Arjuna had not been given divine sight to witness Narayana’s Vishvarupa. Our submission is: did he need it? Who was he in this narrative? When they met, Krishna sat him on his lap and named him “Diti Krishna” (“Second Krishna”). Before he left his mortal form, he withdrew from Arjuna a kala (attribute / aspect) of himself which he had given him, as he had to return complete to his Source.

    With that attribute, Arjuna carried Krishnatva (“Krishna-ness”) in him. Now, when did Krishna give that kala? Logic and intuition suggest that he did it when he sat him on his lap.

    Complete story

    Krishna wept as he saw Arjuna. “Come, brave Partha, and take me in your arms, which will give me comfort”, he told him. Standing a little away from him, Arjuna refused: “I’m a mere mortal, and you are Narayana Himself. How can I touch you?” … He again pleaded with him to hold him in embrace, but again Arjuna said that being a mere mortal, he was afraid of touching him who was an avataar of Vishnu Himself. Krishna told him that he could at least come close and extend his hand to him, but Arjuna flatly refused even that, saying that he did not have Yudhisthira’s permission for this. In that case he could extend his bow so that he could touch one end of it and feel comforted, Krishna told him, and Arjuna was willing. As he touched the end of the bow, Krishna passed away, looking at Arjuna.

    After Krishna passed away, Arjuna found that he had become powerless. Had Krishna then chosen deceit as the means of communication in order to impress upon Arjuna that without him he was utterly powerless?

    Krishna knew who he was; he knew that he would not and could not leave his mortal form without contact with Arjuna, as though there was a part of him in Arjuna, which he had to withdraw from him through physical contact and absorb in himself in order to become complete. He couldn’t depart incomplete.

    Complete story

    Regarding the Kheer in Ramayana - According to Madhva‘s Mahabharata Tatparna Nirnaya, chapter III
    Pradyumna was Bharata
    Aniruddha was Shatrugna
    Shesha was Lakshmana
    Vishnu was Rama

    79. The same two Pradyumna and Anirudha known as Bharatha and Satrughna were born after Rama. Even before them, and after Rama, Sesha had been born as the son of Sumitra and was named Lakshmana.

    81. Vishnu himself through his three forms of Sankarshana, etc. had entered into these three (i.e., Vasudeva in Rama, Sankarshana in Lakshmana, Pradyumna in Bharata, and Anirudha in Satrughna).

    May be it is inspiring for you.
    Dance with Shiva - live with Shiva - merge with Shiva

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    Re: Soul merging and de-merging

    Namaste Kallol

    All nama and rupa in higher Lokas are non dual and all facets of Brahman

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    Re: Soul merging and de-merging

    Om ������������
    Namaste ������ ������

    Thanks for the responses. I have been doing a bit of research on soul splitting and re-merging.

    It seems a significant amount of details are available in net which have been brought out by different ideologies and great scholars. There is a correlation with our depictions of Avatars and Shiva.
    It is subject which is called by different names and Twin flames and twin souls are a typical term used.

    It seems that a powerful soul at advanced stage may be split for some reason for higher ascension. They remain with similar but complimentary characteristics but without gender before they actually manifest on earth.
    Their lives has typical characteristics of similarities, subtle level connections, one runner another a chaser, one awakened another still to be awakened and when they meet, they invoke kundalini. They compliment each other towards further ascension. The splitted souls might go through many births before they merge again. The timings of birth might or might not coincide. They might or might not be couple. But their lives kind of replicate each other but opposite gender. Unknowingly or knowingly they will support each other at subtle level. Once they meet they will feel home in each other and completeness in each other

    Some depictions in our scriptures are Ardhanariswar, Radha Krishna.

    There are so so many articles on this.

    Main surprise is that I know my closest friend who is experiencing exactly the same phenomenon with same exact details.

    It seems this is a known phenomenon and predefined almost.

    Again logically Vishnu or Brahma cannot come down to human life with their enormous power. It will be infitesimal part of it. And Vishnu doesn't leave His post and come down to earth. So by logic what is that which comes as avatars ? Will not a insignificant part of His soul needs to be divided. Same with Brahma. From the start of single point of creation and through the evolution to so many souls to the lowest strata of the pyramid.

    And as they unmanifest these souls get again merged in Him

    Look forward to your views ������

    Thanks and regards ������������������
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    Love and best wishes:hug:

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