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Thread: Micro Greens and Sprouting and General tips of Wellbeing

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    Micro Greens and Sprouting and General tips of Wellbeing

    I thought i would put this in the canteen because it serves us with nutrition. In the Upanishads ahara is the essential nutrition that brings enlightenment.

    By following these advanced diets it can raise ones consciousness to higher realms, proof of the pudding is in the eating.

    Many are aware of the severe situation that is happening globally around the world and there certainly is and will be more problems with food supplies and shortages. Without going to much into the situation, which i am sure each person has their own views , its always best to try and stay one step ahead as far as possible, while the materialists do their usual thing to control and dominate the outer world and just cause problem after problem.

    Many have spoken about the importance of the immune system and keeping oneself in the best condition as possible, if one is a sadhaka, this should be fairly simple , just continue as normal, if one is learning the ancient arts to be sadhaka or one who does daily lifestyle practices that connects individual consciousness to the Supreme Consciousness then its highly recommended to keep these going, at ones own pace.

    I have been doing some microgreen growing, it requires only a small space, and can be done on small budget and offers amazing health and nutrition if food becomes scarce. This really is a revolutionary way to maintain healthy system and be well prepared for the mess the materialists have made for us, yet again.......

    I will just add this video which is a simple how to do, it really is this simple and from thereon for those interested one can do more research into the health and wellbeing benefits of microgreens and sprouting, it is sufficient to survive and serves well with the yoga sadhana's

    This guy is worth subscribing too, as he covers quite a few important areas in his videos and he is quite simple to follow. In a matter of a couple of weeks to a month one can be almost self sufficient on foods.

    Green Mung sprouting is very good, a little can go along way, and they are more nutritious than cooking them, and if one can juice them the benefits are better, wheatgrass also, and there are ways of harvesting the seeds. I live in smallish space, microgardening uses very little space

    yac capi sarva-bhutanam
    bijam tad aham arjuna
    na tad asti vina yat syan
    maya bhutam caracaram

    Harih Om
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