The Solar Eclipse will be visible in India, news says.

They say prayers during eclipse can bring forth 1000 fold results, of prayers done during normal times. Why so? Any particular reason?

With respect to the challenging times right now, three astronomical events are happening in the skies right now:

1. Betelgeuse went Supernova. It could be that this star ("Aridra") going Supernova has happened already and we see but the light emitted 10s of 1000s of years ago, that just happened to reach us now! Or it could be that, the star is going Supernova right now, and that light (of a normal star, that is) is going to dwindle in near future...... in either case, the said event is believed by many to have consequences.

2. Sedna is believed to be a massive 10th planet that rotates our Sun in the MW galaxy, but so far placed it is, it takes about 11,000+ odd years for Sedna to rotate once around the Sun! (Compare 365 days for the Earth).

But Sedna has a good news - it is currently as far to Sun as our Neptune is.

Some people believe this event has astronomical consequences too.

3. A Comet quite massive in size is supposed to pass through MW galaxy and cross our earth soon (by June end). People always believed this event will carry consequences.

Personally, I trust #3 might be a reason why Pandemic COVID-19 has surfaced. Hope it will end soon!

Please let me know any insights you might have about Eclipses, the topic of the OP. I just happened to list other events as a proof why eclipses are trusted to impact us so much.

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