Pranams all

I have been interested in the idea that Ravi Shankar is associated with on the Art of Living. I have come to realise that this is the crux of religion as dharma. This is not Sanatan Dharma as such because the idea of Sanatan Dharma is that the law of Nature is laid down in specific ways for living beings to live under. I am not really familiar with scriptural basis of the art of living as I live and learn from my own personal experience of life. Experience teaches us eventually what the laws of Nature is if one has survived with dignity.

I have practiced a form of yoga that can loosely be termed as total yoga, incorporating gyan development, and outlined karma as dharma. I have called it satya advaita or the process of discovery of the truth through truth accommodation. This brought me through various stages of realisation and I was classified by the United Kingdom State as a mental patient suffering variously from persistent delusional disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. Truth discovery requires both these attributes so complex is Mother Nature, that I now describe as Brahma-Nature as it is God created. To realise the full understanding of Brahma-Nature requires a process of neti neti, not this not that until the picture of Reality becomes pristine clear.

The principles of Brahma-advaitism is total unattachment to beliefs, ideas, meditations, missions, objectives, aims, karma and dharma. One discovers the truth path through this process. The truth path takes one to liberation in no uncertain terms.

This means that the art of living I practice is to be aware of the environment and take steps to survive accordingly without reference to any ideas. Survival is the key: one must survive in one's surroundings, to live for as long as possible that one's genetics allows. This is faciliatated from knowledge acquisition such that one has the highest level of truth that it is possible to attain so that steps can be taken to aid ones survival. That is the law of Nature. It is not survival of the fittest, but survival of the most-aware.

Once delusions are eradicated and ignorance is surmounted one is at peace with oneself, no longer paranoid, no longer schizophrenic, no longer without fears of the unknown and total certainty as the guide then comes naturally to the mind.

That is Brahmoadvaitism and the art of living has been perfected.

Thank you for reading this and I would welcome a discussion.