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Thread: More attacks on Indian owned businesses

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    Re: More attacks on Indian owned businesses

    Hare Krsna

    Until people stop listening to the media which thrive on division through negativity, and start focusing more on spiritual teachings and be guided by those that are beyond the shallow appearances of the body these backwards attacks will not stop and will always go round in circles. No nation or race is free from skin coloured bias, I understand complete where certain posters intentions lay

    what the media has not shown enough is black people hugging police and people from each race getting along , which has been a bigger story and hasn’t been covered hardly at all or given the right credit it deserves

    this was from Haile Salassie speech to the United Nations

    Until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes.
    i have a lot of Indian people in my friends list on Facebook ( rapidly declining) and on a daily basis vast majority of them are always hating pakis, muslims , the west, Chinese, not just on a daily basis but on an hourly basis. While the above stories are very sickening until certain people fuelled by media hate wake up the vicious circle will continue

    The very essence of all beings is that they share the same consciousness to the degree that there is no difference, that is the ultimate ultimate truth, but mundane media brainwashed short sighted people can’t see past the relative shade of skin colour holding together puss bile urine blood and stool. Religious church media of my faith is best is almost abolished but replaced by media brainwashed zombies and is just as backward , the same as one race is superior to another

    What about tourists that came to india who have lots of respects for indian and we’re trapped in the covid crisis where the the media was calling it a foreign virus which lead to tourists getting beaten up, threatened and harassed by police and locals, we didn’t hear much mention and certainly no protest of that because there is a silent consent

    i have always been an honest and straight forward person, it’s how I was raised and while I would say 30 years ago india and Indians were seen as a spiritual nation with deep mysticism, that perception is now fading very fast and it’s no fault of the people other than the ones brainwashed by the media into hating everyone but themselves as somehow superior to others , not on a daily basis not even on a hourly basis but on a minute by minute basis online , every single day
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