Hello, All!

I trying to learn Jyotish. I only have my own horoscope to work with. I was born on a small military base so the coordinates I use should be accurate, and the doctor most likely kept good military time. My D9 and D10 charts are straight forward. I've been relying on them to learn basics. But my natal chart has a strange interaction between Mars, Rahu, and Moon that I cannot understand and cannot find help for.

The troubling features are:
1) Mars alone in Aries, 10th House
2) Rahu alone in Cancer, 1st House
3) Moon alone in Scorpio, 5th House

A) Rahu is aspected by a Mars with Ruchaka Yoga. Rahu is polarizing the role of Moon, its dispositor. Rahu aspects Moon, and is in trine from Moon.
B) Moon is a Lagna Lord being imitated in Lagna by Rahu. Moon is being debilitated by Mars, its dispositor. Moon is being aspected by a Mars with Ruchaka Yoga.

How is this trio working?