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Thread: Vedic astrology predictions

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    Vedic astrology predictions

    if there is anyone who want to ask questions regarding Vedic astrology predictions they can ask to me

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    Re: Vedic astrology predictions

    Dear sir,
    My birth details are as follows.
    DOB : 9th june, 1981
    Time : 8 :07 p.m
    Place : chennai, tamilnadu

    My parents have been looking for an alliance for me and nothing has materialized.
    For the past 16 years neither i am able to get a good job nor i am able to get married.
    When will time change for me?


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    Re: Vedic astrology predictions

    When will covid19 pandemic end?
    'Let Noble Thoughts come to us from all sides' Rigveda 1-89-i.

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