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Thread: Advaita- "Not Two"- So, why teach?

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    Advaita- "Not Two"- So, why teach?

    "Light is my very nature; I am no other than light.
    When the universe manifests itself, verily then it is I that shine."
    -Ashtavakra Gita 2:8
    This entire infinite universe is Lord Shiva, atman. Apart from this, there is no other. To awaken is to discover "tat tvam asi", that the infinite Lord is the whole of reality. So why would a fully enlightened master teach anyone else? In truth there is no other to teach. When one awakens, the entire universe is awoken, because there is only one.

    So why would an enlightened master teach anyone? Who is there to teach to an awakened man that sees Brahman wherever he looks?

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    Re: Advaita- "Not Two"- So, why teach?

    Hare Krsna Injrabodi

    This sloka is when the subjective consciousness jiva, the individual being has realised his being is one made of light~consciousness, something that was always there and did not come or go out of being, so its a discovery, the heart of consciousness which is light and whole and transcends its own subjectivity , nothing can be added or taken away from it.

    If were going from this above translation that your giving using the word manifesting,
    When the universe manifests itself, verily then it is I that shine
    When the subjective, the jiva discovers this supreme light ~ param joyti, in the supreme sky of consciousness ~paramvyoma it begins to lose its limited sense of subjectivity, or the i consciousness, the smaller i the egoic i as its said , the self cherishing i that works for its own benefit regardless of other forms of conscious sentient life dissolves into non existence, but does consciousness cease exists, does functionality cease exist, the answer is consciousness continues to exists, functionality continues to exists, but without the i only I or aham universal one consciousness, which can only fully be understood through shakti.

    The transformation that begins to happen is the limited i identity is gradually transformed into the universal I consciousness, where the power of the subjective i consciousness is transformed into Shakti, the original constitution conscious energy, which is not different to shiva. Shakti has many forms all with the same consciousness but varying attributes or attitudes, it can range from Kali which is fierce to more subtle prem aspects of rasa such as Radha, neither of which is ever dissociated or separate from shiva~auspiciousness of brahman or the absolute consciousnesses.

    Everything in the manifest universe is bound to activity, two activities one is binding and one is unbinding, binding would be considered as unconscious and the other as conscious, they dont mix but both are active, one is vidya other is avidya.

    The conscious manifestation of shiva in the universe~cosmos is shakti, it is shakti that works on the mind that liberates the mind from bondage to i consciousness, egoic self cherishing. Shakti, mam is without any difference to aham or is the yoni or womb of aham and is Aham and Aham is also shiva , both shakti and shiva form the complete consciousness, there is no difference or separation between them, this is advaita, not two. But with that oneness there is diversity of conscious energy, unlimited infinite and supreme, shiva is tyagi and shakti is power within the cosmos, they are both supreme without start or end, if it was just shiva alone as pure singularity there would never be any creation, no liberation, no manifestation and only light, but in reality that is not true or not the whole aspect of reality, where there is shiva there is shakti, where there is shakti there is shiva, it cant be separated

    So why would an enlightened master teach anyone? Who is there to teach to an awakened man that sees Brahman wherever he looks
    There is no such thing as per say as an enlightened master that teaches, the subjective teacher or guru is the embodiment of shiva and shakti, they are vessels, mediums , as Ramana Mahasrshi would say there is only Self, this transcends the conventional me and you, yet is not different from me and you, he didn't really teach people, just made people aware that there is Self or atma, it teaches but not in a classroom or academic level but by way of being, it doesnt mix with the material world, it is anti matter , it destroys all matter or materialism of the i, the individual subjective i does not get in the way yet there is no difference between the subjective i and the universal I and that light, its pure channel, no division, between what it is and what it manifests, this is what would be shiva manifesting as shakti in the cosmos or universe and expressed through the jiva, jiva then becomes guru, guru is both shakti and shiva. Shiva and Shakti will begin to manifest/shine through the jiva in their own terms not bound to mundane laws of man made ideas and will ever be detached and never limited to one form even though that one form may be without any difference to shiva and shakti.
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