Astrological thought process on exaltation of planets.

The sun exalts in the Aries the first house of natural zodiac ,it represents the soul on the one side it is flanked by a moksha ( self-realization ) representing house the 12th ,where Venus exalts because it rules over the senses and enjoyments to be derived therein at the same time it symbolizes moksha through the control of the senses .On the other side is planet moon the planet of expression of thoughts and emotions the family ties it takes root in an earthly sign so the soul is now tied to family and relations .Moon represents the life force required to sustain and that’s the water so it nurtures and creates the nature and can be called prakriti or nature .In the second Kendra is where Jupiter imparts wisdom and symbolizes learning and the wisdom we derive from the subconscious expression of moon the mind ,Jupiter in the house representing mind tries to keep us righteous by providing us a code of conduct and dharma to rely on in rally tough times ,in 4th it tries to bring our actions as represented by mars in 10th and Saturn in 10th from 10th therein ,doing so it tries to clear obstructions in souls movement towards realization or moksha the ultimate aim. Therefore, Jupiter is rightfully said to be the advisor the minister for the king the soul for it’s the code of conduct as emphasized by wisdom/learning/dharma. Mercury represents the intellect and is a part of mind or it represents the use of brain faculty to discriminate ,compete and achieve using your intellect .In other words Mercury the intellect can be called the child of the mind as it represents the intellect part of it while Jupiter represents the higher learning and wisdom notice these three planets are in third to each other third represents the subconscious mind or the stored information or the library of information for the use of wisdom or intellect .From mercury moon is 9th and symbolizes the father so we can say mercury represents a faculty of intellect or part of the whole that is called mind .Do remember the story about the birth of mercury and the role of Moon the mind .Jupiter represents the subconscious representation of mind and means the wisdom thus acquired while mercury symbolizes the use of wisdom for the intellect . Venus in 12 represents the bhoga or indulgence for the senses the placement of mercury opposite to it means to stop indulgence at a certain level by relying on intellect and reasoning, while Saturn in 8th from the exaltation place signifies trying to control the senses or trying to keep the two parts of scale evenly balanced and that is outcome of thoughts and actions so its no wonder that Saturn is called karam karaka and represents austerities and hardships self-inflicted or otherwise . Saturn in 7th represents the struggle required to sustain and live ,it being in 10th from 10th represents the subtle influence of karma bhava as its karma of the karma bhav ,so aggressive actions and fightbacks require the deep set control of Saturn ,Saturn strives to keep the balance between thoughts and actions ,while the control that Jupiter exerts on Mars is on the basis of judicious use of wisdom is on mental the control emphasized by Saturn is the actual practical experience .In physical body Saturn is the structural support and the 7th house is the control valve of the body enabling it to retain everything essential and release the waste . Similarly, Saturn being in 8th from the indulgence of senses representing planet Venus can help let go of the vices thus required for ultimate goal of self realization. Mars in the karma bhava represents our survival and struggle for the two factors the needs for self and family the second factor is to stay within the ambit of code of conduct as set by society or dharma .Mars also represents the physical defense system within our body ,signifying the response against diseases and pollutants in the shape of viruses and bacteria. In the sign designated to Saturn therefore the struggles related to maintaining a stoical as represented by Saturn.
Sign wise Sun in sign of Mars Aries ,the fire element that soul has to come through the fire for salvation ,the influence of mars gives the protection of aggressive ,bold and ever reliant Mars .Moon in sign Taurus and in the element earth and a fixed modality sign gives stability and environment to ever fluctuating mind ,the earth element coupled with the water representing signs makes the nature grow and sustain . The sign influence of Venus signifies the reproduction and growth, moon represents the womb or ureter and fallopian tubes while Venus the ovaries and the reproductive fluids, so the sensory indulgence of Venus coupled with moons protective and nurturing nature leads to reproduction.
Jupiter exalts in moons sign therefore wisdom is a part of the mind ,Jupiter is also the karaka of peace of mind so in fourth it gives peace of mind while imparting wisdom ,in cancer the water element and a brahmin sign Jupiter is supposed to be in an element just like the free flow of water is represented by cancer the knowledge and grace of Jupiter in this sign is ever reliable wisdom and free flowing .
Mercury Exalts in Virgo and represents the intellect the intellect is an outcome of mind just as a son is an outcome of fathers lineage .Mercury represents the intellect that stems from the mind in the 6th of natural zodiac it is the wisdom of the first education that ones family and environment gives you .
Sign Virgo Gives The chance attaining siddhi’s, intellectualism, striving for perfection and psychic consciousness Mercury opposite to a planet that plays on senses and indulgence creates the use intellect and reasoning to defeat the lure of vices based on the senses. It’s the earth sign notice the moon and mercury they exalt in earth sign, both are fickle and wavering and require stability of element earth, mercury ass a planet is of air modality it’s the process of breath and body’s signal system and represents neurons the signal points of the body.
Saturn like the airy sign libra is an airy planet and it exalts as it’s the karma of the karma bhav thus the karam karaka ,it represents the balance required for the soul to progress in the light of austerities and hardships of disciplined Saturn .Saturn represents the sense of touch and therefore the carnal impetus too in the sign of Venus it goes in for indulgence but in limited reproductive role . Saturn in fact is 8th from indulgence seeking Venus’s exaltation point and thus helps in taking control of vices, its practicability stems from discipline, endurance and experience. Saturn in fact represents suppression of ego and helps the soul to progress and evolve.
Mars the Autocrat the, impatient, aggressive warrior is in its element when in confrontation so in the sign of Saturn under the practical wisdom of Saturn and watchful eye of Jupiter the guru that evolves the wisdom of learning and code of conduct ,that is epitomized by dharma ,struggles to keep the soul/self and family in prominence while fending off the challenges put forth by Life and environment .
Venus exalts in the sign Pisces the very ingress of it being moksha or salvation from birth and death cycle. The sign earmarks the end just as Aries marks the beginnings, Pisces as sign belongs to Jupiter the Significator of dharma and wisdom, the higher intelligence so the indulgent ways are checked from the exaltation point of Jupiter it’s the 9th so dharma of the Mind and Guru. The intellect of mercury and the very sexless nature and impact of mercury keeps the indulgence in check and when the Venus becomes dispositor of exalted Saturn just imagine the esoteric upliftment and support that Saturn can provide to moksha seeking soul.