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Thread: The Biggest Theft in History

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    The Biggest Theft in History


    Story of the biggest theft in history and the biggest state sponsored massacre in Asia.


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    Re: The Biggest Theft in History


    Why this is a very sad part of history lets come up to speed rather than stick to the past, and stop floating hate propaganda to build a smoke screen to hide the present state corruption and daylight robbery of mass amount of wealth by the wealthy people of India, which causes mass suffering and death on daily basis in poverty stricken areas, im not sure when you went back to India believer or have ever taken the time to speak to the people that are under the poverty line, because if you did you will not find many of them, if any, that blame the British (which left more than 75 years ago) for the state of poverty in India today or for the past few decades, at least not the ones i have spoken too, and i have travelled all round India from village to village and speak and to the real people of India who are repressed. I dont need any research other than my own experience and verbal testimonies and seeing with my own eyes, but there is plenty of evidence online that the poor are getting poorer and treated worse as the years go by, if that's not a crime against humanity im not sure what is, who is to blame here.

    And since India has enjoyed massive economic growth and has vastly wealthy ( just google self made million and billionaires )people but none of it has reached the average person who many still live under the poverty line, i just wonder how long reverting to history can still maintain the apparent theft of wealth by the wealthy upper class. I think if people who float this type of propaganda would actually talk to the people in real poverty they would learn something and stop blaming outside sources.

    Japan was totally annihilated and humiliated in the second world war and had two atom bombs dropped on it but became a very healthy economy, same as Germany, and other parts of the world, in fact most of Europe and was in tatters, UK was living off rations and most the cities was bombed into rubble causing thousand of civilian deaths ( something that brings you joy) but generally the Germans and the British get on well and hardly anyone reverts back to these times, guess why, because they are grown ups, both Britain and Germany after the war was bankrupt. I'm surprised that so called educated people that have dharma running through their veins and are the ones that are chosen by genetics from God are not aware of the ways of the materialists.

    Why not do some calculation's about how much money has been made in the economic growth which many are proud of and then ask how much has been invested in the infrastructure of the majority of people where the poor are definitely getting poorer and living in worse conditions as time goes on, if you cared to go to India and see for yourself i am sure you would agree, but some seem to be living in bubble, far from the real India and never see whats actually happening, and are so distance and have totally lost touch with that country and its people. I actually admire the real people of India the ones that work hard just for daily living because they are trampled on every day and they are the soul of India, not the ones creating smoke screens, living in some dream ideology and fantasy and supporting present day crimes, buying shiny new toys from Isreal and then sending young men to a war created by greedy materialists

    So lets get upto speed and deal with the present moment , with some honesty and integrity, im not sure how an honest or spiritualty minded person or one of even a few brain cells can really equate this to the present situations.

    i wonder if Utsa Patnaik would put as much effort into coming up with a ball park figure of how much the has been stolen via corruption in the last 50 years, im guessing the figure would be close to equalling that and the suffering of people who are not allowed to have a voice. So I wonder do you care about the GDP or the real people of India

    India has done well to get to the current orbit. But to move to the next orbit, we need good leadership. To bring prosperity to the vast majority of Indians, we need to enhance our governance system, enhance our transparency and accountability, combat corruption, and enhance our infrastructure.

    As Bob Marley says, you can fool some people sometimes but you cant fool all the people all the time

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    Re: The Biggest Theft in History

    Are you defending Britain in this?

    Countless artifacts were indeed stolen and never returned.

    But the loss of human life in world war 2 was extreme.

    3 million Indians in Bengal were starved by Churchill, so --

    Why are you defending Britain and attacking Believer?

    It's not hate to say someone has stolen from you.
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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    Re: The Biggest Theft in History


    It would do you better to do two things, read things properly ( comprehension) and educate yourself, i wont hold my breath.....

    Am i defending Britain and what the British Empire did around the world, obviously not. But who are the ones that did this, bodies in the grave and it certainly was not all of the British people. In fact the general British person was just as much in poverty and slavery in the industrial revolution, the average age in UK at these times was about 28 or less, including babies and young children due to toxic poisoning in factories where most people spent all their lives, the inner cities were nothing but slums, the culprits are elites that control the societies, they belong to no nation only a world of greed and power. So why not be a bit more accurate.

    I doubt you know much about world war 2..... But my point is countries have recovered from nothing form complete devastation, India also had its chance and still does, but the money is not invested in society, everyone knows this, even believer, but they insists on blaming others.

    Im not defending Britain, the point is that the divisions are still being created, the information wars still go on, nations divide, the past is past, but some like to keep bringing it up, maybe better to meditate. And the majority of people in India outside of this information propaganda know who is taking/stealing the money in todays world, why not stay in the present moment. Indian media like all is very good at making people divide.

    Im sure Believer is big enough to answer back himself, it would be nice if he could maybe post less media and be less racists, and grow up a bit, im sure in his last days he would be much better off giving his attention to the real Self, Sanatana Dharma doesn't have a saviour outside of ones own consciousness, there is no exclusive right based on birth.

    Im quite happy to give Believer the right guidance if and when he needs, always here for him.


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    Re: The Biggest Theft in History

    ? Why are you rude in every post?

    I won't ask you to elaborate on your insult to Believer because you probably would . . . In any case you are breaking the rules when you call someone racist.
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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    Re: The Biggest Theft in History

    Im a sinner looking for a saviour

    Please pray for me

    Believer is a big enough to speak up for himself, he is no stranger to putting the boot in.....

    Stay a healthy distance, i already know how mischievous you are, but lets not get into honesty here, doesnt suite you, i would offer you some dead flowers but you may misunderstand

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    Re: The Biggest Theft in History

    Stop hate and rudeness.

    You call Believer racist for what???????

    Stop hatred and leave this forum.
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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    Re: The Biggest Theft in History

    I was just being flippant and sarcastic because your doing the same thing again and again, Im not as pure as you, wouldn't want to be....

    The Problem between me and believer is between me and him only, anyone who buys into this propaganda is racists and have been radicalized by propaganda, it has nothing to do with the spiritual search, and causes division , im against that, doesnt matter if its bnp, bjp, nf, edl, the nazi party or whatever, for some reason your being his body guard, your better off proselytising your webpage from guruji. As far as i remember your the one causing most the tension on here .

    Its not upto you to say who can post here and what

    Again all you have done is cause a scene, just to get me banned, why not do as you post, its best not to pretend your a holy being, this is my last reply.

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    Re: The Biggest Theft in History

    No, when you follow him around and attack him calling him racist, attack anyone who says something to you, you are pretty much doing a horrible job.

    It's not between you and him, because you broadcast every thread.
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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    Re: The Biggest Theft in History

    England caused the death of 3 million Indians in Bengal in WW2.

    Whitewash their crimes all you want.
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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