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That is precisely the point!

What makes anyone think what I wrote in the OP 'should' only be imaginary? It could be factual.

While referring to principles of dharma, strict adherence to Shastra may be necessary, but I don't think banning creative thinking is a right measure.

Besides, you have just given a mere list of all the 16 words in the Mahamantra, have you anywhere given what is the meaning of each word and why it is used as 'Hare Krishna' twice followed by 'Krishna Krishna Hare Hare', etc.... Nowhere I see such explanations given by you. Therefore I am trying to interpret them, according to Sanskit and such.


I am not against any creative thinking but my view is if the explanation of the verse is already given by the original author , interpretation by different thinkers in the name of creative thinking create confusion only. of course we have the right to create new verse. You should try to create your own which can not be banned. Mahaprabhu preached hari nam sankirtan but not the meaning of hari nam. I think vaishnab ‘s concern is sankirtan of hari nam only not its meaning. This mahamantra bears only names of shri Krishna so I don’t understand what new interpretation can be put to names of shri hari when I am concerned with sankirtan of his names only. It is taught that names of shri hari bear the power to mould us in his way . I don’t think vaishnavas feel any need to know the meaning of shri krishna’s names. Here my view is just in the context of hare Krishna mahamantra.

I am not in favour of destroying any original idea or thought.