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Thread: Superstitions, omens and worrying too much

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    Question Superstitions, omens and worrying too much


    I am quite superstitious and something just happened to start me thinking the worst as usual.

    I moved house recently so what I usually use for camphor is packed away, I felt I wanted to use some for a small prayer to Lakshmi But all I had was a thick glass tea light holder. Seemed to work fine and didn’t feel to hot at all but when I finished my prayer and brought my hand back to my head from it it snapped totally clean in half with the light still burning, I was startled but went and held it (it was still cool on the other side) until the light went naturally as I felt I should continue to remain there until it went out. I’m now worried that I did or said something wrong to have caused it to happen, but of course I know also that this was a possibility with it being glass (albeit very thick and supposedly fireproof).
    Like I said, I didn’t feel worried or bad at the time, just startled. The only thing I felt was that I should stay and hold onto the (cool) half which still had the light burning and stay until it had extinguished on its own accord and carry on as normal.

    I’ve now over thought it completely and am worried it may be some kind of omen, I tend to go to worse case scenario and my mum even has the nickname “the fatalist” for me haha. Things pretty much always go fine in a puja or prayer but I will worry if something is slightly off or different, not bad by any means at all but I’ll worry it’s because I didn’t do something right.

    Seeing as I’m on the subject, what are some common (or even uncommon) superstitions or omens associated with prayers/pujas/celebrations. One so I and possibly others know what to avoid and another just because I’m curious!
    Shivasya hridayam vishnur: Vishnoscha hridayam shivah

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    Re: Superstitions, omens and worrying too much

    Just be true to your Guru, and do not worry about these things. Practice bhajans, meditate, chant the names of God and practice all such sattvic manner, and you will have no cause to fear. Simply keep the mind and heart with Rama, and there is no cause to fear. Keep the house in sattvic conditions (clean, simple, beautiful), and purify the house with your nature of chanting and meditation.... in short, meditate on God always and do not worry... Keeping things clean, and sattvic in other ways is very beneficial. Simplicity and cleanliness are very helpful for spiritual life and growth. Very best wishes.
    Gam Gam Ganapati

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