When I look at Jagannath Swami standing there with his sister Subadhra and his brother Balabadhra, to me it feels like he is suggesting the following teachings:

1. God is essentially inconceivable in nature, to the ordinary human mind/intellect combo. He is unfathomable.

2. God is hard to get for even the most resolute renunciate, however so easily accessible for the child-at-heart.

3. Never judge others by their external appearance or status or stature in life. The most perfected soul could project an external picture of utmost disorderliness, clumsiness or insufficiency.

4. Through me you come to know that darkness is not a negative trait. Go for sweetness and not color of the skin.

5. The most desirous accomplishment of a yogi is to develop brotherhood with all humans.

What does Jagannath's incomplete image suggest to you?

Thanks and regards.