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Thread: India to supply 10 million doses of coronavirus vaccine to Africa, 1 million to UN

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    India to supply 10 million doses of coronavirus vaccine to Africa, 1 million to UN


    As per MEA, India will supply 10 million doses of coronavirus vaccine to Africa, and around 1 million doses to UN health workers.

    India has gifted over 55 lakh doses of coronavirus vaccine to neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and so on. Shipments to Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Mauritius were awaiting regulatory clearances.

    India authorised two vaccine candidates this month for emergency use at home, one licensed from Oxford University and AstraZeneca and another developed at home by Bharat Biotech in partnership with the state-run Indian Council of Medical Research. Both are manufactured locally.

    Many low and middle-income countries are relying on India, the world’s biggest vaccine maker, for supplies to start COVID-19 immunisation programmes and bring an end to their outbreaks.

    “The Pharmacy of the World will deliver to overcome the COVID challenge,” foreign minister S. Jaishankar said on Twitter, adding the first vaccine candidates’ lots had reached Bhutan and the Maldives.

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