Namaste dear all

I am really really keenly looking for a bead/stone mala that is suitable for most mantras.
Actually, the bead/stone (mala) is associated with the deity rather than with the mantra. For example:

For any Shiv mantra - Rudraksha
For any Durga mantra - Sphatik (Quartz/Crystal)
For any Vishnu/Ram/Krishn mantra - Tulsi (actually for Vishnu (and avatars) it is more common to do Naam Japa instead of Mantra Japa. I do not consider a chant as a mantra unless there is AUM or a Beej mantra included in the chant.)
For any Hanuman mantra - Moonga (Red Coral)
For any Baglamukhi mantra - Turmeric
For any Ganesha mantra - Red Sandalwood

and so on.

The above information may not be completely correct, but just saying that that's true to my knowledge. Please feel free to correct me.

I am really keen to know if there is any bead/stone mala which can be used for just about any (or most) deities? The only solution I have found so far is Rudraksh which people say can be used for most (if not all) of the deities, for example, Rudraksh may not be used for Vishnu (and avatars). Now I don't know if these are mere myths/superstitions or if this really is the case. Even for Rudraksh I know there are different Mukhi (Faces/Openings) for different deities, which defeats the purpose of the solution. Some Mukhi Rudraksh are common and common man can afford them however some are rare to extremely rare, so even one bead could cost thousands of dollars, let alone the whole mala.

The above question is mostly out of curiosity.

Now to be specific, any common bead/stone mala for Hanuman and Durga?