Traditionally Southern Indian homes makes different fresh rangolis each day in front of home shrine and invite the devatas. Typically they are made with rice flour and never stepped on.

They are supposed to not only appeal to the eyes, but each rangoli so drawn is believed to attract different energies from the divine with different end results. They are drawn as a must and bring in wealth, health, peace of mind and what not.

South Indian home shrines do not ever fail to have Rangolis drawn before the deities!

I name some of them here, you can google or Youtube them by their names and catch up with the actual Rangoli.

1. Hridaya Kolam.
2. Lakshmi Kolam.
3. Aishwarya Kolam.
4. Navagraha Kolam (Kolam/Rangoli for the 9 planets).
5. Sahasradala Padma.

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