During times of American Presidential Campaigns, people donate thousands of dollars and they are 'acknowledged' sometimes with a dinner or lunch with the Presidential candidate. So much for their money!

So also, astrologers of these times assume a great attitude, whether or not they are qualified and talented.

Recently I sent a query to a well-known astrologer and paid him a whopping $125 to read one of my divisional charts. He made me wait 10 days, even though his reviews said he typically replies within 24 - 48 hrs. When I initially sent him the request to read my chart and followed it up in 2 days, I was very respectful and cordial addressing him as "Namaste" with "ji" and proper messages with a "sincerely" or "thank you" -- so formally respectful. For that, he replied rather rudely in my opinion without any salutation always replying in 1 sentence, and sounded to be all so important!

Now he replies and claims he cannot read the said divisional chart without rectifying my birth time (worth $245) but still he had taken the liberty to go ahead to send me a 1/2 hr recording where he 'suggests' mantras to recite (unasked from my end) and other unrequested and useless info.

When I did not send an acknowledgement in return for all the irritation his recording caused me, he sends a rude 'Why no acknowledgement' note again!! Speaking of heights of arrogance!

Astrologers in 99/100 cases are rather cheaters these times, and they have vain bookish knowledge, and they are way too arrogant to even address you cordially or treat your questions with importance.

A note of caution before you approach any 'professional' and decide to pay 100's (if not 1000s) of $$. There are far too many Indian astrologers who might do equally ok job given $10 or $15 a question, if you put the effort to search properly through online medium.

Thanks and regards,