Namaste friends,

I recently came across this, and started it too. Quite very easy, simple procedure, but it has been given by our Kanchi Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi swamigal and it is extremely effective, as he has said. (I am not aware of the scriptural background of the same).

Start on a Friday (any Friday), the time can be morning before 10 AM or evening 6 - 8 PM the latest.

Purchase 16 mud lamps (dhiya), decorate them on 3 sides (leave out the side where you will light a wick) with sandal paste and then cover it with kumkum.

On the first week, light one such lamp before any goddess picture whom you like on a preferably copper plate. Use ghee for the lamp (only) and light 2 wicks intertwined together (not just one which is the usual). Let it burn for as long as you wish, and then shortly before all ghee gets over, extinguish it with a flower or raw milk.

On the second week (Friday), light 2 such lamps. Clean the first week's lamp(s) and redecorate them before use. Use a new lamp for the additional one.

Like this, every Friday for 16 weeks, increase the count until on the 16th week you will light 16 lamps together.

Once lamp is lit, recite some prayers for your chosen goddess and offer some simple food (naivedya).

That's all!

This is said to be a very, very effective parihara and only sought by those when the time is ripe for them.

If you are searching for this parihara, look for keywords like, "Mahaperiyava 16 lamp parihara".

Best regards,