Reading Madhva's Mahabharata Tatparya Nirnaya I am deeply impressed how he interprets the scriptures, how he shows entanglements and why they have to be, to make the cosmic will come true.

In chapter 18, verses 40 - 53 he shows the division of society based on the scene when Karna appeared in Hastinapura. It is up to everyone to give the protagonists of modern times a name.

After that, Bhima and Duryodhana, under the pretext of displaying their skills, picked up heavy maces and faced each other with great anger.

Devatas, Asuras, humans and all other forms of jivas took sides of Bhima or Duryodhana and the entire sentient world was divided into two camps.

Devatas and those on their side supported Bhima.
Asuras and those on their camp took refuge in Duryodhana.

Humans too shouted “O Bhima! May victory be yours” or
“O Duryodhana! May victory be yours” and formed two camps depending upon their divine or evil nature.

Devatas and the Asuras started letting out loud shouts and roars. Dronacharya, the excellent Brahmana, realized that the entire world was getting bifurcated into the supporters of Bhima and Duryodhana, which could lead to the end of the world there itself, and stopped the two brave warriors, who were capable of ending all enemies, through his son Ashwathama. Ashwathama stopped both of them saying – “There is none equal to you in your areas of ability”. As per the orders of Drona, both of them were stopped thus and they returned to their homes. Brahma, along with the other Devatas, returned to their own lokas after the Pitamaha assured that the world would see their battle some day in the future.

Duryodhana left for his home holding the hands of Karna.
Bhimasena returned to his home while holding the hands of Arjuna.

It was Bhima’s decision that Arjuna should kill Karna.
Against this, Duryodhana wanted Arjuna to be killed by Karna.
Towards this, both of them planned special means.

While Bhima’s efforts were towards increasing the fame and victory of Arjuna,
Duryodhana’s efforts were opposite and he wanted Karna’s victory and successes to increase.

For Bhima’s sake, Sri Krishna and the other Devatas took the side of Arjuna.
For the sake of Duryodhana, all the Daityas and Danavas took the side of Karna.
In this way, Karna and Arjuna became stakes in the gamble called war.

Source https://anandatirtha.files.wordpress...-chapter18.pdf

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