So I had the strangest dream last night, I was stood in a cave (not cold and dark, it felt like home) which looked out onto a beautiful forest, almost like a rainforest just full of greenery and life. I stood at the edge of the cave by a stream leading out of it, with food offerings and started singing the mahamrityunjaya mantra out into the forest only to stop now and again to contemplate and say “Om shanti shanti shanti”.

Not long after I found myself stood in a vast and warm shallow sea under a low sunset and the only other person there was a little boy (who I apparently knew but at the same time didn’t if that makes any sense?) and was saying good bye to him/hugging goodbye but as though to see each other again, he didn’t speak from what I remember but seemed happy I was there.

I’ve been under a lot of stress and self doubt lately and today was to be an incredibly stressful/frustrating day but instead of feeling overwhelmed/affected by it I just accepted the outcome and felt unattached/optimistic in just accepting what is. Still feel mentally exhausted but just being able to feel optimistic and calm(er) for the first time in a while has been a relief.

Is this possibly a sign for me to start doing something in terms of worship or just a way of someone telling me things are going to be ok?

Har Har Mahadev.