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Thread: Is hatred, anger, etc a representation of absence of love ?

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    Is hatred, anger, etc a representation of absence of love ?


    We know there is no independent existence of darkness. It is the absence of light.

    Also as I understand that the final state is chidananda state. A state of bliss and unconditional love.

    Is it a correct inference that absence of love gives rise to mind's different emotional branches like hatred and anger ?

    Opposite of hatred is love ofcourse but opposite of anger is compassion. Can compassion be there without love ?

    Thus it seems that the root independent entity is love. The absence of which gives rise to multi headed hydra.

    Look forward to your views
    Love and best wishes:hug:

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    Re: Is hatred, anger, etc a representation of absence of love ?


    Interesting indeed, Kallol ji.

    In my observation, the root cause for anger many times (if not all times) is because something happens against our desire or wish. We get disappointed, frustrated and end up doubting the intentions of the person who disappointed us thus. The disappointment leads to anger. Therefore the root cause for this disappointment is desire, and when we renounce the desire, as in becoming more and more selfless, this mitigates the anger to a large extent.

    This is my personal experience and observation.
    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

  3. Re: Is hatred, anger, etc a representation of absence of love ?


    Kallol Ji, interesting observation.

    On the other side, love towards someone can also make one angry towards the person like MOther Yashoda's anger towards naughty krishna.

    Also hatred of Gopis towards demons due to their love towards Krishna.


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