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Thread: So Thankful...

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    So Thankful...

    I realize what I missed here after coming back here today. I am watching this video today:

    In there is mentioned the Rhind maths papyrus, which led me to look it up, leading me to look up Hieratic, to Demotic of Egypt, which has become emotional for me today. I will try to explain. Understanding Demotic requires the use of the Rosetta Stone. In contrast, there are people who still understand and use Vedic Saṃskṛta and Classical Samṣkṛta. We don't need a Rosetta Stone for this. Why? Because we have access to dharma. Something happened in Egypt such that they either lost access to dharma or never had it in the first place. They ended up losing their civilization altogether with but remnants left behind and had to start over on a civilizational level. Indic culture has not had such a civilizational lobotomy like almost everyone else outside of Bhāratavarṣa, especially in the West.

    It makes me emotional because you guys have managed to keep alive what has existed for a few tens of thousands of years. Long enough for me to regain access to it and start remembering long-forgotten things before the window of opportunity would shut again in future lives. I remember now how, just as I must have been present to experience life tens of thousands of years ago, I am seeing a different variation of materialist technological development by a non-dharmic civilization followed by some loss of this sometime in the future.

    I realize what a rare opportunity this is for me to be on a machine called a computer connected to something called a Forum, and being able to converse with people of a like mind. It makes me emotional because I must have seen something like this in Egypt, long before the time of the Pharaohs, only to have it be lost forever. I first experienced this as a teenager over 35 years ago, the thought that there might have been an advanced civilization like we have today. It is like I completed the circle of saṃsāra from that point in time in ancient Egypt to today's time (hence, my username being deafAncient). It certainly felt like it when I went to Lothal in late 2019. I felt like I had made a complete circle to Lothal. And this was before I had confirmation of Indian ancestry through a DNA test about a year later.

    I'm so sorry... I never should have left Bhārat all those years ago. But I feel that I am back home, and I remember what I am supposed to be.


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    Re: So Thankful...

    Namaste and welcome home!

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