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Thread: Namaste to all- introdcution of new member- Humble seeker- who am I?

  1. Namaste to all- introdcution of new member- Humble seeker- who am I?

    Namaste to all,

    I landed upon this forum by a google search and was excited to see the depth and variety of perspectives provided by different members. So tried registered myself and here i am ...

    if i were to really know who i am , in real sense , i would not be in this forum searching for the truth..ha..ha..

    I am tiny soul trying to seek to my original position and struggling to give up my false ego and attachments.

    Born in a Saivite family in India, met upon Prabahupad's (Lord Caitanya's) teachings by Divine arrangement 15 years ago.. and since then Krishna is riding the ship in my journey ( to the extent i allow Him).. I still hold high regard for Lord Shiva. I am looking out for an environment where i practice both my in born belief system and acquired practices in parallel..( I have had some learning for few years in basics of Sri Vaishnava literatures as well in parallel)

    I prefer people who are honest and truthful inside out.. so that makes me a bad candidate for many to be friend with..
    This perfectionist attitude puts me at the risk of finding fault with great sadahakas as well.. so of late have been redirecting this tendency towards myself.

    Finally i do not know where i actually belong to in Spiritual planets- Kailash/ Goloka/ Vrindavan/ other Vaikunta planets.. I hope this forum can help me move towards my original destination.

    Om Nama Shivaya
    Hare Krishna

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    Re: Namaste to all- introdcution of new member- Humble seeker- who am I?

    Welcome to the board and happy to have someone like you here.

    Hare Krshna

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