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Thread: Bandha Locks for days without stopping

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    Bandha Locks for days without stopping

    Someone I know who claims to know a lot about Yoga said that for an increase/advancement in kundalini, one most contract the glutes,one of the bandha locks, and maintain the locking for 9 days,even at night,without stopping.
    Is there any akin tradition or has this person made it all up? are there yogis/saddhus who can maintain the energetic locks for 48+hours?

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    Re: Bandha Locks for days without stopping

    while the vast, vast majority of religious and spiritual practices are entirely without any danger, there are some that do have dangers associated with them.

    The breath locks are one.

    Breath locks, performed improperly can lead to respiratory illness, even extreme respiratory illness.

    Some of the more extreme practices of Hatha Yoga are really only meant for people in superlative physical condition...a physical condition of that of a professional athlete.

    Further, these kinds of extreme practices are not necessary in order to approach God. What is necessary to approach God are our daily spiritual disciplines of prayer and meditation and leading a sterling life.

    It is true that some extreme practices can lead to extreme results.

    So, let us say, you are fascinated by levitation. And you want to make an attempt at levitation.

    The kind of discipline necessary to approach some extreme thing like that would be, say, to maintain yourself in the physical condition of a top professional athlete for 20 years, to meditate 10 - 20 hours daily (solely on trying to levitate) and do extreme, extreme disciplines, that could easily take your life if you make an error.

    And, at the end of all that, you get to levitate your body a few inches off the ground for 10 seconds.

    What exactly is the point of doing all that work, just for a parlor trick???

    If you applied that much energy to regular religious practices, you would become a saint, in direct contact with God. You would have infinite peace, love, and happiness.

    Levitation or the other Yogic powers give you absolutely no guarantee that you will develop any peace, love or happiness. And, since the seeking of those powers is in violation of God's law, you wind up destroying your karma and sentencing yourself to lifetimes of extreme torment as punishment.

    St. Peter was preaching Christ's word and one of these powerful occultists was going around. His levitation abilities were so profound, he could, for all practical purposes, fly in the air. St. Peter was worried that his magical powers would attract people to him and not to Christ and to God. So, St. Peter prayed to Christ. When he did, the occultist fell out of the sky, stone cold dead. God has all the powers. And if we obey Him, we live under His protection and in His grace.

    Occult powers are like a carnival side show and nothing more. And, they lead to your own doom for defying the God who rules the world.

    And this is why the ancient Jewish scriptures say, "if a sorcerer be found among you, he shall be stoned to death."

    Not that we, as human beings, should engage this, but that God will destroy all those who so powerfully defy his will.

    If you want to develop levitation so powerfully that some saint must come along and pray for your destruction, by all means try. In the entire history of the world, God has not lost one battle against an occultist.

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