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Thread: Choosing Kali as deity.

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    Choosing Kali as deity.

    im from a country which has few dharmic centers, the only centers i know of are in the capital(1 hour drive from where I live just to ente the city)are "the art of living", run by guru sri sri ravi-shankar,who actually came here once.
    Considering lack of avaible guru can I choose Kali as deity to pray to? or do i need initiation to choose her(have her choose me?). I have read a lot of saddhus so im inspired now.

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    Re: Choosing Kali as deity.

    For some reason, I did not see this post appear in the 'Past 7 days' link from forum menu page.

    You don't need initiation from a guru for Kali sadhana. Although she is fierce, she is commonly prayed to by so many. Whereas if there are specific mantras using Bijas (root words) then for that you might need initiation. But of course, if you have initiation, it is all the more good.

    Kali worship is performed also to her non-fierce forms as in Madhurakaliamman Temple, Tamil Nadu, as much as her fierce form is prayed to. I have heard through word of mouth that the fierce forms of Kali are ones that are hard to please than her peaceful forms, which is why in olden days, sadhakas performed so many sacrifices to her.

    But I trust the great devi only tests the sadhaka's readiness, steadfastness, and true bakthi and nothing else.

    Good luck with Kali ma sadhana!
    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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