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Thread: Hierarchy of Hindu scriptures

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    Hierarchy of Hindu scriptures

    Namaste everyone,

    I was going through an old thread in HDF where I came across a post which said that there is a hierachy of scriptures in Sanatana Dharma. For instance, it said Vedas are the primary and topmost then it ranked the other scriptures like Upanishads, Puranas (I don't remember the exact rankings).

    So, my question is a simple one that is there any such ranking of the scriptures. If yes, then please let me know. Also, my sincere apologies if this has been already discussed, I searched for the term "Hierarchy of Scriptures" but unfortunately didn't get the results related to it. And, please pardon me if it is demeaning to rank the scriptures as I am not sure, hence this question.

    Hari bol

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    Re: Hierarchy of Hindu scriptures


    I kinda vaguely remember some members of this elite forum formerly discussing that some scriptures are 'shruthi' and ranked on top of everything else, and some are not.

    But I know nothing about it further. May be you can use the search facility to read further on shruthi.
    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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