Shani Sadesati kya hai, Shani Sadesati ke upai Kya hain- Shani Dev is called the God of Justice. Shani is also called Yama, Kaal, Grief, Poverty and Mild. For any trouble, crisis, accident, financial loss, humiliation, etc., we accept the reason of Shani Sadesati . Shani Dev gives auspicious and inauspicious results to every human according to his deeds. The Sadesati of Saturn lasts for seven-and-a-half years, which is why it is called Sadesati. The Sade Sati of Saturn definitely comes once or more in every person’s life. The time it takes Saturn to move from one zodiac to another is two and a half years. remedies for Shani Sade sati.
Saturn remains in the native’s zodiac or lagna zodiac, while moving from one zodiac to another. In this way, there is an influence of seven and a half on that amount, the amount next to it and the amount outside. It takes seven and a half years for Saturn to pass through 3 zodiac signs. It takes 30 years to make one round of all 12 zodiac signs. When Saturn’s transit starts in the twelfth house from the Moon sitting in your horoscope, it is said to be Shani Sadesati . Shani Dev is the son of Surya. Yamraj is his brother. Yamraj is the Governor of Yamraj and is appointed as Shani Magistrate there.
There are 3 stages of Saturn’s Sadesati

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