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India's drug regulator has approved the world's first plasmid DNA vaccine, ZyCoV-D, against Covid-19 for emergency use, on August 20. This is India's second home-grown vaccine after Covaxin and was developed by Indian pharmaceutical company Cadila Healthcare Limited (also known as Zydus Cadila), with support of the Indian government's biotechnology department.

It is expected to be launched at the ending of September 2021, at an affordable price.

"I am quite excited about the vaccine because it offers a lot of good potential. If this jab works, the future of vaccination becomes logistically simpler," said Prof Shahid Jameel, a well-known virologist.

The vaccine ZyCoV-D has shown good stability at 25 degrees for up to 3 months making logistics and accessibility easier. DNA vaccines are also considered to be easy to manufacture.

Presently, Zydus Cadila is aiming at a manufacturing capacity of 10-12 crore doses every year.