The other day I had a lovely dream on blackholes. That's when I realized Hinduism does not say much about the mammoth phenomenon. Or at least, I have not heard about any Hindu stories or theories on the same.

Time is said to be inverse on the blackholes as gravity on such tightly packed mass operates on the negative sphere. I wonder why no sadhus who have realized themselves capable of foretelling the future and such, never shed us any light on things about the blackhole or deities associated with them (why not?).

I know, all our 33 crore devatas are all aliens living in alien worlds, but Milky Way alone, leaving out other galaxies, contains millions of stars (40 crore stars) and therefore there should be 'other humans' like us living in those worlds but Hinduism does not say anything about them. This is huge disappointment for me.

Have you heard of 'any' stories on the said theme? If not, why in your opinion, is it not possible for even yogis to glean the truth about aliens and other galaxies.... Any idea?