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Thread: Drug war facing India...

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    Drug war facing India...

    Namaste all,

    It appears that drugs are now being used as a weapon to destabilize India. Around 3000 kg of heroin worth three billion dollars originating from Afghanistan was captured in Gujarat port in September 2021 along with the arrest of four Afghan nationals.

    Drugs are now being send through routes of Kerala, Punjab, Bengal, Gujarat, and north Kashmir to the rest of India targetting the youth. Drugs and intoxicants are considered sinful in Hinduism and Buddhism, leading to the vices of cravings and addictions, along with mental and social abnormalities and reduced productivity.

    It is high time Indian government understood the threat of this drug war, which is also used to finance terrorist activities, and create awareness in the public about the dangers of drug use through information campaigns, and the higher crime rates it can spawn in society.

    In every moment you only have one real choice: to be self-aware or to identify with the body and the mind. -- Annamalai Swami

    Body-consciousness is the source of all misery. -- Ramana Maharshi

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    Re: Drug war facing India...

    very sad to hear this.

    But always remember, no matter what human beings do, God is ultimately in charge.

    We go to Him in our daily disciplines and He protects us according to His will. He is always our refuge.

    The world is filled with evil people and what evil people do. But all those forces are no match for our own human heart. Our devotion to God brings us under his Protection.

    And if He so wills, all the evil forces in the world have exactly zero ability to touch us.

    A story is told of a great saint who was in a battle. His side had been over run and scattered. They had lost. He asked if there were any disciples who would be willing to die with him in one last surge. 12 remained and stayed by his side. As they were about to engage the enemy and die, the saint took some pebbles and threw them in the direction of the enemy. When he did so, the enemy saw 100,000 soldiers suddenly appear. The fled the battlefield. The power of God and a few pebbles defeated an army of 30,000.

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