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Thread: Mahatma Gandhi - Writings

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    Mahatma Gandhi - Writings

    Mahatma Gandhi - Writings

    includes a few full books...

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    Re: Mahatma Gandhi - Writings


    Yesterday in a speech by an eminent South Indian personality, I heard that Indian Congress of olden days had 2 wings - one of those moderate folks that thought Independence should be politely sought (MK Gandhi's side), and the other side headed by Tilak who wanted to fight against the British for Indian freedom.

    The said speaker narrated how Tilak defeated Pattabhiraman in the battle for Congress Leadership and was unanimously elected by Congress for it leader, when MK Gandhi said, "Pattabhiraman's defeat is my own defeat", upon which Tilak resigned his post as Congress Leader (against the unanimous vote) and eventually left Congress.

    I was so upset on hearing this. How can someone, even if it MK gandhi, speak against a dharmic win?

    I have also heard other things against Gandhi. That Gandhi favored Nehru, against other patriots in many circumstances, limiting other's Political chances, is another such accusation.

    Leave alone all the other accusations regarding Gandhi's questionable comments favoring Muslims, etc.

    So is there a book that discusses all of MK Gandhi's plusses and minuses in an objective fashion that you would recommend?

    Many thanks.
    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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