As unique and mysterious the subject of this thread sounds, it is actually a short mantra or slogan given by Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal or popularly known as 'Kanchi Periyava'.

Pronounced 'um' (as in Umbrella) and 'bhagavaha' ('bhagava' + ha - ":"), the Swami told a woman to recite this as and when she wanted, invoking truly any ishta that comes to one's mind that he/she wants to propitiate. Which means this mantra is idol-neutral.

One day the Swami appeared in the said lady's dream and gave her this mantra, which she forgot once awaken. Therefore she visited the Swami when he was alive, and Swami gave her the mantra in public.

It is said, those who recited this mantra experienced some unique and overwhelming effects, after proper sadhana for a while.

I'm curious if anyone heard more on this accord and/or can tell more about the mantra itself.