This is just a fun little poem. Subrahmanya or Murugan, is said to have 2 wives. One is Valli, who is said to grant all earthly wishes, and the other one is Devayanai, who is said to grant Mukthi or liberation (other-worldly wishes).

In this poem, I just muse that both these wives are asking for boons to Murugan in a playful way. Valli asks for earthly wishes, while Devayanai, simply serves her husband. In the end, Devayanai gets better boons from Subrahmanya.

This is not based on any scripture, and just an enthusiastic poem to please you! Pranam.

Spoken word or Unspoken word

A single day for Subrahmanya is a lot you shall see
Some say its a solar cycle, some say its more, but it ends as ends can be
The hero of Valli and Devayanai wanting some clear notion
"Test time" said he to himself and called his wives sans emotion

"Do you seek the spoken word or unspoken word?" asked he
With both his wives chuckling dearly for all he could see
The first wife was the first one to oblige with all her wit
She took not a long time to answer, for she was but impatient to sit

"Spoken word, till time for silence" said she, and thought she was with adequate sly
"Then asketh away!" said he, with lips gone completely wry
"I seek beauty, power and fame" came the reply
"And if you have more to give, I seek wealth, health and talent so I can rise sky high"

"So you shall be!" granted Murugan with heart full of glee
"For its my duty to make you but happy till the night owls shall flee!"
Merrily did she run away to break upon the news soon
And now its his turn to ask away the second wife her boon

"Unspoken word, my Lord!" said she, with nothing else left for sharing
That she will accompany his penances was merry enough for her humble bearing
"Then asketh away, but unspoken!" said he, with lips gone completely wry
The be-fooled second wife, all stupefied, let her tongue get dry

Subrahmanya waved his right hand by the air and let her ponder
And idly did he chance upon his abode and mountains by the yonder
"Whats going on?" wondered his second wife sitting by the fire
"May be he feels too frozen to answer" and switched her side for him to retire

Long time did it pass and no word yet from her beloved lord
By which time fruits, juice, and service did she have for him, his guard
Yet no word from him made her wonder why, is he not a seer
And now thinking he was bored she made some tunes full of cheer

Undaunted was he in his waking slumber
And so was she in her faithful surrender
And in the end after all her tricks would go without a pay
She decided to leave thinking "Good, yet I don't feel any dismay!"

"Now, now, my dear, you don't leave without my pay!"
And pulling her close did he disclose his pay for her service through the day
So hot became her beauty for offering him her side by the fire
And he offered for her service, never a return to her sire

And then he told both his wives their choices have been granted
And asked them to figure out who feels the most enchanted
While the first wife thought she had the deal Oh so clever
Her power is but over as the day winds by, so she's no eternal lover