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Thread: Brahmacharya(chastity) without guidance of a guru(spiritual master)?

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    Brahmacharya(chastity) without guidance of a guru(spiritual master)?


    I have tried a few times to practice a rigid and rigorous brahmacharya(chastity), the result has always been disastrous.

    After a few weeks I was constantly having sexual fantasies and accumulating a strong emotional tension because of which I was constantly going to the bathroom...I wasn’t doing what you might think now...I defecate and urinated like a frightened elephant.

    I also read the book "Practice of brahmacharya" by Swami Sivananda in my first language...unfortunately I lost the book.

    I would like to try again to practice brahmacharya in order to transmut sexual energy into Ojas Sakti(spiritual energy) to use to awaken the kundalini.

    My question is if I can succeed in brahmacharya even now or I have to wait to meet a guru.

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