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Thread: Exorcism - Vedas or Tantras

  1. Exorcism - Vedas or Tantras


    I'm looking for practical assistance with an exorcism problem.

    Motorcycle of unknown history - strong energy, can project mental imagery, songs, etc. May have belonged to a deceased person. Presents with mysterious technical faults which resolve themselves without any known cause or explanation. Works perfectly but cannot be trusted.

    Does anyone know whether the correct approach here is Vedic ritual, or Tantric? I don't mind which. I will need to get someone to do something, in any case. I like the bike but I suspect something is malingering around which isn't nice.

    What sort of specialist do I need, and does anyone know how I can get hold of a reputable one, in the UK (near London). Thanks

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    Re: Exorcism - Vedas or Tantras


    Modern Hindus are not so much aware of exorcism practices of the yore. Even though many believe in black magic, ghosts, devils, etc. still if you discuss them in public, they would rather frown at you for disbelief. Therefore the only reliable and trustworthy method is to propitiate god Narasimha Deva who is best known to ward off even of the tantric kind and restore your mental peace at the earliest.

    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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