We tend to take all the scriptures so literally - an alternate Deva World with millions of Gods going about their lives etc

What Hinduism is saying is that the millions of Gods are US! WE are the Gods or we have God-like qualities in us - the Basic Namaste says that we greet the God within you

Christians do this before they eat - they hold hands and thank God for the food they are about to consume
Let's assume that this person is a shop or a Restaurant owner - the year is 2018 - business is booming - shop and restaurant full of customers - the owner is happy - thanking God every day before every meal
Then, suddenly covid hits - suddenly the customers stop coming - the shop is empty, so is the restaurant
The owner is faced with mounting bills, he cuts staff, he is scraping by and may have to close his business

Meal times become hard - there is little food to eat - and now the owner realizes the True Gods who are putting food on his table
Not some magic man in the sky but "Human Gods" - Gods that walk right into his shop or restaurant that are feeding his family
"Athithidevobhava" says Hinduism - the Customer is God!

What is sad is that this customer could be a Hindu, an Atheist, a Buddhist or from any other religion & yet Christians & Muslims would condemn these Gods to hell! Such is the power of Religious brainwashing

In all of us there is a capacity to be a Rama or Ravana - we need to decide which path to follow
God clearly will not interfere - many think that those who follow Ravana's path will end up in hell
But Torture is not the answer

Basically we are born human - we can raise ourselves up to God level - that is help our fellow man, treat others well - do good for others(sadly, most Hindus think a few prayers, a few Pujas are what God likes and will be pleased but Sri Rama does not care for your pujas or high praises)

But we can also go the other way - follow the path of Ravana - basically we can go down to an animal level
And that is what Hinduism means when it says we come back as bugs or animals

It is these people who have chosen to be such - they were born human but have chosen to be animals - it is not a punishment but being who they are

Christians and Muslims, sadly also end up as lower life forms - first to condemn innocent people to hell
Second they want Heaven - an easy lazy life for eternity
They will get such a life but down here - as a Dog for example - what does a Dog do all day? nothing!
Free food, shelter, protection and care - no work, no worries
They get the life they asked for - Heaven!