As per Gaudiya Vaishnavism, mother Parvathi or Durga is mahamaya. Other name being 'Poornamaasi'. That is, she is the personification of maya inherent in all born humans, and thus she rules, grants and redeems this delusional maya-factor from those who strive for spiritual ascension. This is how GAudiyas view mother Parvathi to be. Gaudiya shastras describe mother Parvathi to be this Mahamaya.

Coming to what can be interpreted out of the above statements: We have always heard of Prakrithi and Purusha, the cosmic pair responsible for all creation. If mother Parvathi becomes Maya or Prakrithi, then Lord Shiva has to be purusha, the primeval being from whom everything emanated. May be, that is why he rules destruction as per the role assigned to the Trimurthis, as he then becomes the Lord of all created beings.

To me, this explanation has made ultimate sense so far.... To me, Krishna the swayam-bhagawan marks the ultimate state an enlightened being attains - the blissful and perfected state. While Shiva personifies Purusha from whom all things emanated, but not necessarily a personification of the spiritual state we should aim for.

This description explains to me the role of Lord Shiva in Gaudiya Vaishnavism where Shiva is deemed someone very important but nonetheless holds a secondary position to Krishna. But he is someone not to be neglected.

Going by description of mother Mahamaya being Durga/Parvathi, this explanation makes sense to me.

Thanks. Pranam.