Most Hindus do not properly understand the concept of Reincarnation - especially the part where it says we come back as lower life forms, such as bugs or other animals
First of all let us understand that it is NOT a punishment
A Father does not punish His Children, a Teacher does not Punish Her Students
They instruct, they guide and leave us to our choices in life
Christians and Muslims are CHOOSING to be lower life forms

Second - let us understand the difference between the concept of a Hindu Heaven vs a Christian or Muslim Heaven
For Hindus Heaven does not last long - it is for a brief period, but for Christians and Muslims it is ever-lasting and that is where they get into trouble
The very concept of eternal Heaven is bizarre - a time of eternal rest, billions of people just sitting about, shamelessly sponging off God, no one mentions any work done, no one even asks!

It is bizarre because we know that is not the life that God gave us - down here, Heaven last for only a brief period - it is our time in the womb, our childhood - that is the Hindu Heaven - it is right here - as in the womb, as kids we had a wonderful time - our parents took care of us, fed, protected, sheltered and cared for! Daddy lost his job? Don't worry - He will find something soon
Mommy has a boo-boo in her chest? Has to go to the hospital? Don't worry, it is nothing
And we are told to go play and we did
But we know that such happy and carefree times do not last forever
We HAVE to grow up, learn to stand on our own two feet, move out of the nest, get a job, make a living, EARN what we desire and oh yes the big bad real world is waiting for us - we have to face it as Adults!

The Christian & Muslim concept of Heaven is greedy - it makes God into a Nanny! Taking care of "Adults" who won't grow up - they think they can stay eternal children forever! Fed, protected, sheltered, cared for and kept away from the big bad real world!
God is no Nanny
We can't run back to childhood!
Or can we?

Ancient Hindus heard of these eternal Heavens and thought the very idea of a Nanny Sugar Daddy God catering to billions, keeping them in eternal comfort was a bizarre idea!
And then they looked down at their Dogs! Lying about, carefree, snoring away! And they went AHA!
Such people will be born as lower life forms such as Dogs!
As Dogs they will get their Heaven - the easy lazy carefree life that they wanted - fed, protected, sheltered and cared for
And of course the real world problems are kept away by their owners
Lay about all day! Every Day of their lives - all their lives spent as helpless dependent Children! Heaven!

Or they can be reborn as Trees or bugs or other lower life forms where life is easy and comfortable
What problems do Trees have? None! Food falls from the sky - the Sun God gives them food
They do not even have to move at all! All day, every day sit and snore in one place!
No work, no worries - a happy carefree life! Heaven!

And since the queen is a Christian and this carefree, no work, no worries, just sit around doing nothing all day has been her life,
If she wishes for a Christian Heaven, she will get it but it is not up in the sky somewhere but right down here on Earth!
As a Dog!