Lately lots of apparent realizations are happening. May be my retirement, may be the satsang i am having or may be both.

Many a times most or all of us have experienced unexpected support, connections, apparent roadblocks, apparent challenges form known and unknown people and entities. Some we see as blessings / miracles and some we abhor as we have to go through pains to cross those situations.

These all are beyond our comprehension and hidden from our normal understanding.

Why these and how can we explain these phenomenon. Definitely some where some connections and networking is happening. That's where the mind started probing into the plausible causes.

We exist through our body, our mind. One at gross level other at subtle level. Body is what we see. Contained definitively in space and time. But our mind is more expansive. The boundaries are unknown. How our tangible and intangible thoughts are interacting with the other subtle minds, we do not have clues.

It's like the trees. Top part we can see and understand but the roots are invisible. The roots might be communicating and supporting each other which remains unknown to us.

Or say the icebergs. Only the tip is visible which can be compared to our body. The other 90% is hidden and at the bottom might be touching with other icebergs

That is where the communication happens unknowingly.

Someone might be praying in mind, or some thoughts are there, which might be knowingly or unknowingly, they are connecting me and others again unknowingly. And our actions happen in a away to answer those prayers or thoughts. This ecosystem might be known or unknown and un-connected at the top visible level.

There are soul groups, soul mates, split souls (Twin flames) which are quite fascinating to explore. How they unknowingly or knowingly support each other.

More matured or refined is the mind more is the connections and at one point when the mind is pure at highest level, the expanse becomes infinite.

Quite a revealing realization.

Any thoughts ?