The phenomenon of manifestation of souls and unmanifestation seems to be a fascinating journey of ignorance, illusion and delusion.

As from the ocean rise the waves creating a notional identity of the same unchangeable water due to various factors the similar happens to the unchangeable consciousness. Thus creating a notional divide between purusha and prakriti.
As waves and ocean are eternal, the same is with purusha and prakriti.
As waves get created and uncreated out and into the unchangeable ocean continuously similar is the phenomena with purusha and prakriti. The interplay is continuous and eternal. No begining and no end.

In this why I am talking of love and happiness?

As the permanent and unchangeable home which is the home state is a chidananda state, we, by default, belong to that state only.

With the creation of the notional identity and deviating, as the wave does from the mother ocean, we lose that bearing and constantly thrive to go back to that state of permanent happiness and love.

This actually drive us in our life and life after life till we merge back again in that ocean.

As we lose our bearing we are in constant search of happiness and love which we try to achieve through external means out of our ignorance not comprehending that the fountain of love and happiness is only within us. As our mind matures, we start seeking the same internally and slowly become independent of external factors. Thus at one point we return to our home - chidananda state.

Such is the design of God for all and just these two factors govern our lives in life after life.

Such is the blessings and grace that with only these two factors we are constantly connected to Him.

From small small happinesses to bigger ones to the permanent one is our journey back to our home.

And in this no one is left out. All are in the same journey. Some in the upward curve and some in the downward curve. The journey is same. All who have manifested will, by His grace, unmanifest eventually.

Such is His leela