Namaste all,

After quite a long time, today I logged on here and found a neat note from forum moderator Satay ji, requesting me to continue posting. I found the note impressive. I have great respect for Satay ji and therefore I have decided to post here like before.

Now, I happened to find a few things related to my destiny -- please do not ask how or even, how authentic the info is. I can only assure you all that it is indeed authentic info but the fact is that, I do not like my destiny.

I have been frantically praying these days, have intensified my sadhana many fold and have included praying to gurus like Sri Raghavendra Swami of Mantralaya in my regular worship these days.

Now I am on the search if destiny can be changed. I do not want a layman view but a scriptural view.

Also if you know any authentic godman that I can connect with, that will be great.

Many thanks,


Note: Also my sincere thanks to grames ji for writing to me with a mention to help me out with spiritual guidelines if I needed some help. Many thanks to him, I will duly reply to his note in sometime.