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Thread: Krsna Will Make Arrangement For Guru

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    Krsna Will Make Arrangement For Guru

    Namaste,namaskar and Hare Krishna.

    If you are a gaudiya-vaishnava/Hare Krishna and are looking for a guru(spiritual master),I highly recommend you to read this link:


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    Re: Krsna Will Make Arrangement For Guru

    Quote Originally Posted by orlando View Post
    Namaste,namaskar and Hare Krishna.

    If you are a gaudiya-vaishnava/Hare Krishna and are looking for a guru(spiritual master),I highly recommend you to read this link:


    Namaste Orlando,

    I read the above link. Thanks for posting it.

    I have few observations.

    i) Like the swami says in the given link, if one seriously takes to bhakti and does not make too much progress, Krishna makes him be born again with 'where he left off'. This I have read in B.G.

    ii) I am reminded of the story of Krishna devotee Shyamananda, disciple of Hriday Chaitanya.

    Shyamananda was a devotee of highest caliber, originally a manjari from the spiritual world. One day while he was sweeping the 'Seva Kunj' at Vrindavan (the site of Radha-Krishna's pastimes), he found a golden anklet. Next day, radharani's maid servant Lalitha came to him in disguise and asked for it, posing as a simple village girl. Shyamananda did not believe such a simple girl could possess a golden anklet, even if for her friend, like she claimed. Therefore he asked the girl to take him to her friend who lost the anklet and show the proof of the other anklet.

    Thereafter, Lalitha takes Shyamananda to a pond and asks him to take a dip in it. Lo and Behold! Shyamananda has the most memorable transcendental experience following the dip. He is transformed to a female manjari and Radharani appears before him, marking his forehead with a tilak and his original name (Dukhi) being renamed to Syamananda at this time and gives him an idol of Krishna and disappears.

    When Syamananda later meets with his guru Hriday chaitanya, and narrates the story, the guru does not believe it.

    Hriday Chaitanya takes a stick and nicely whacks Syamananda with it. He tells him again and again, "I only teach to disciples who are following Sakhya-bhaava bhakti. Leave me if you want to follow anything else".

    Later, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu appears to Hriday Chaitanya in a dream and shows his back, to reveal all the whack markings that Hriday Chaitanya gave Syamananda. Hriday chaitanya realizes his mistake.

    In this case, obviously, Syamaananda is much more advanced in bhakti than Hriday chaitanya, his deeksha guru. Nevertheless he sticks to the relationship, as there are still some plus points in this.

    Just sharing because this example, I thought, is apt for this thread.

    You can watch the story in this youtube video here:

    Thanks and regards,

    jai hanuman gyan gun sagar jai kapis tihu lok ujagar

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