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Thread: Transiting (sankrati) Sani to Leo - Post 3

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    Transiting (sankrati) Sani to Leo - Post 3

    Hari Om

    Jai Sri Hanumanji namah

    ...continuing the conversation.

    Sani -Foundational Information - post 1 (completed)
    Special considerations and Sani Transit Evaluation In Leo house by house - post 2 (complete)
    Items of interest - post 3

    Sani's Rasi Dristi
    Because Sani is Karaka of career ( the 10th house, that which support social actions and profession = career) Sani then aspects he aspects the 10th house from his position, that of career. And as he does work (labor) , this is done with the hands and arms, and this is owned by the 3rd house, hence Sani aspects the 3rd house from his position. It is said by some Jyotishi's that Sani's aspects or dristi are more powerful then Sani actually being in a specific house. Hence the effects of its gaze on the 3 those from Leo tr Libra ( a sign where sani is exalted), the 7th house, or Aquarius ( his own sign) and Taurus ( owned by Venus, a friend) would have a bigger influence then his power of being in Leo. From my personal personal experience I felt the substantial effect both by Sani's residence in a house and by it's aspect ( dristi)

    Special Conditions
    One needs to see of Sani in this transit is transiting over ones Arudha Lagna, or the 12 from the moon. One also needs to determine if this is Sani's 1st, 2nd or 3rd trip around the zodiac, starting from Sani's initial position in ones janma chakra. The math is straight forward. Since sani takes 29 1/2 years to make one full rotation around the sun, all you need to determine is:
    • 1st trip around the sun - one's age is 0 to 29 1/2 years of age
    • 2 trip is 29 1/2 to 59 years of age
    • 3rd trip is 59 years to 89 of age
    • 4th trip - 89+
    Another consideration

    What dasa period is one in, for Vimshottari dasa ( 120 year dasa period)… this also gives great insights to the impact of Sani. And the dasa period of Narayana Dasa ? This informs thenative how the world comes to him/her.

    I am in the Sani Dasa period that lasts 19 years. This started in 1998. This also started at the same time Sani began its Sade-sati a 7 1/2 year period when Sani passes over the 12, 1 and 2nd bhava (houses) from the moon.
    This occurred after Sani transited the Arudha Lagna in my chart, so I have some practical experiences that matched the hora shastra's of Parashara and Jaimini.
    This work, is an offering to Sani, to assist others. There are also remedies and upayes for those afflicted.
    Winning Sani's favor, or propitiating Sani, or working with other divinity a.k.a. Rudra, Hanumanji, Ganesha, etc. call help. Perhaps post 4 will outline some of this if there is interest.

    Ashtakavarga - A Special look at a rasi's influence
    Why mention this? One could have received a suggestion that Sani in Leo will bring beneficial results, or negative results then the native does not experience it. One reason is due to the Ashtakavaraga strength of that sign and house.

    Certain rasi's are considered auspicious and others not. There is a system called ashtaka-varga or 8 divisions, which weighs each rasi in the natives chart. With all the possibilities, this system , ashtakavara, tells the Jyotishi the benefic positions when one looks to the lagna AND the planets, as it measures their influence on and in respect to each other, and is depicted in numbers sown by each rasi or sign.

    A Little background on this techniques of Parasha muni
    A maximum of 8 bindu's (or points) can be possible for each rasi, and total points for each graha varies from 48 points for the sun, Jupiter the highest at 56 bindu and Saturn at 39 bindu's or the least.

    So, one consideration is for the natives chart, what is the bindu count for Leo? The higher the points the more favorable the sign. Lesser bindu's = lesser strength to influence the better qualities of the graha and sign. This is as far as we need to go as it gets a bit complicated to calculate, thus for 7 planets ( Ketu and Rahu do not participate in this, they do not have physical bodies).

    Simple Numbers Of Ashtakavarga
    A sign is divided into 8 parts or kakshayas. Each kakshaya = 3 degrees 45 min ( Or 30 degrees divided by 8 = 3 degrees 45 min).
    Each Kakshaya ( or division of the sign) is owned by a graha e.g. Sani, Guru, Mangala, Surya, etc etc. During the transit of a graha through a sign they have to pass through the 8 kakshyas. The transitiing graha then produce favorable or unfavorable results based upon this interaction.
    Note some graha's pass quickly though a kakshaya, yes? Its only 3 degrees 45 min so for the moon it’s a matter of hours, and the influence time is shorter ( felt in feelings, mind changes, moods that are + or -) , the sun takes 3.75 days to get though this 3 degrees 45 min. Mercury takes 2 1/2 days. Yet when you get to Sani He takes 3 3/4 months, so the effects for any one kakshya is longer.

    Each planet earns so many bindus ( this is called Bhinna Ashtakavarga or separate 8 division , by graha]. When you add up all the bindus for each graha in a rasi it is called Sarva Ashtakavarga [sarva = all]. This number tells you how strong the overall rasi is. So, you have individual (Bhinna) and you have a group [sarva] for each rasi.

    Lets list out the effects, by Bhinna Ashtakavarga in bindu's , or points, and the expected effects. Obviously Sarva Ashtakavarga is not possible without viewing and calculating ones chart.
    This is for Saturn (Sani) transiting a rasi with the following bindus ( so this will apply to Leo rasi):
    • 8 bindu - acquisition of administrative control - this can be of a community,village, a town, social gathering, etc/
    • 7 bindu - attains servants, helpers, and the acquisition of domestic animals
    • 6 bindu - respect is gained, this is from people in authority, to thieves ( politicians too), to people in military authority
    • 5 bindu - gain in agricultural produce and the like; coul also mean benefits financailly from the same
    • 4 bindu -one recieves an equal proportion of postive and challanging results
    • 3 bindu -loss of ones wealth, loss servents and service, loss of happiness and the loss of companionship
    • 2 bindu - potentional for imprisonment, anxiety and/or dis-ease
    • 1 bindu - fallen life; one with filth, troubles, etc.
    • 0 bindu - continuous bad luck, potential of death.
    Submitted for post Sunday PM, in the hora of Guru, Kala of Sukra; pranams to the west sun setting; Mahakala lord is Sani; Sukla Dwitiya Tithi owned by Brahma, Ashlesha Nakshatra owned by Budha

    Pranams, & Jai Sri Hanumanji namaha
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    Re: Transiting (sankrati) Sani to Leo - Post 3

    namaste yajvan,
    yes, there is interest in post 4. Please post...

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