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Thread: Calming Down Mars - Mangala

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    Calming Down Mars - Mangala

    Hari Om

    Many times one hears mars is too strong in your chart. I for one am a Mars advocate, as he represents Agni tattva, also Hanumanji. It brings creative thinking, energy, good health, strong constitution (Ayurvedic pitta).

    But lets say the person is not of a spiritual orientation and the conflaguration (fire and heat) of Mars turns out to bring one to personal difficulties. Too much of a good thing brings imbalances, yes? Think of a pot of water that is boiling. If too much fire is given , the pot boils over. Like that there are people that may have too much tejas tattva in ones constitution, psyche, and behavior. How you you recognize this?
    • Excessive courage that turns to agressiveness
    • Violence in personality - it just take a little friction to set one off (rago guna in excess)
    • Vindictiveness and mischief to 'get even' , even for small things.
    • Some say too much Mars gives lewdness
    • Physically their are blood or skin eruption problems
    • One ends up with cuts and wounds more often then not - seems to be always wearing a band-aid?
    • Irasicible - More on Tuesdays , owned by Mars
    So, what can one do? From an Auyrvedic perspective there are several remedies to bring balance in ones life. I am not proficient here to suggest any remedies when it comes to consumption. Maybe some one with knowledge here can take the lead.

    From a Jyotish perspective, the event or rasi that makes Mars passive ( or neecha = humble) Is the sign of Cancer. Intutitively it makes sense yes? Cancer is a water sign and will crunch the thurst of the hot fire of Mangala.

    So lets go a bit further on this... Cancer is owned by Chandra. Chandra too is of apa tattva ( water element) - so all is still in line with our thinking. Who is this Chandra from a Divine standpoint? He is Krsna ( so says Krsna in the Gita). And Who is Krsna? Lord Hari.

    So , one thing one can to assist with an over-active Mars is get closer to this mantra of Hari. This is Hari Om ( as you know , one of my favorites). This mantra removes all kinds of negitivity and is ubiquitious. That is no initiation is required to use this manra/vibration, needed, yet if offered by a muni/swami could only be a boon.

    The beautiful part of this vibration that not only does it assist one with excess Mars in ones being, it helps others ( not overloaded with Mars) to neutrialize negitivity that is stimulated by Mars in ones environment. That is why I choose to start all posts with this simple vibration... to keep my sense about me, and to , and in hopes neutralize the environment, that may bring in steam and excessive assertiveness, if you know what I mean. [ I apply this mantra every time I go to the airport! ]

    Below is the thumb nail of Hari Om in sanscrit (some write samskrtam). Use it as you see fit. It is good to put some energy into it for the first time with at least 108 repetitions, as with the notion of Hari in your mind or heart. Softly repaeated japa , as it is a gentle, sama ( same-ness) vibration.

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    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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