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    Smile Hasta - Nakshatra

    Om Shirdi Sai Ram.

    Hasta " The Hand"10.00 to 23.20 Virgo
    Hasta "the hand" 10.00 to 23.20 Virgo
    Symbol - hand, or fist
    Deity- Savitri or Surya, the Sun
    Stars - There are five stars representing the five fingers on the hand. Algorab is a double star situated in Corvus on the right wing of the crow. This star brings business success, charm, but eventual fall from favor.
    Mythology- Savitar, the Sun God has the ability to manifest what we are seeking and place it in our hands. He gives life, and assists in childbirth. Savitar is "golden handed" everything he touches turns to light.
    Indications - The hand symbolizes skill with the hands, as in craftsmanship and the arts. They may use their hands for healing, possibly as a doctor or massage therapist. They can be a comedian with their great clever wit, and good sense of humor. They are entertaining and good speakers. Their early life may be plagued by hardships restraints and possible impediments. The fist indicates an ability to grasp ideas, and hold on to things material or spiritual. Sometimes it is hard for them to let go. The crafty hand can indicate a thief, as well as a pickpocket, for they may be plagued by poverty or lack of success, until they focus on the spiritual path. There is an innate desire to be helpful and serve, as in a counseling profession. They are highly intelligent, attracted to mysticism, possibly palmistry being their specialty.
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