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Thread: What is Ayurveda?

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    Re: What is Ayurveda?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zahuhu
    It is really??
    Is it really what?
    Life is Yoga.

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    Re: What is Ayurveda?

    Hari Om


    I thought to post to this conversation... I have been practicing this appoach for some time with varying levels of success. For those that know this science, I am a pitta-vatta constitution. One can also with a high degree of accuracy 'see' ones constitution from a birth chart. Elements found in one's body are the various forms of the grahas. This is suggested in point 5 below.

    When I think of Ayur-ved, I commonly look to 5 key concepts I have been taught:
    1. Food is medicine, medicine is food.
    2.Dis-ease comes from the disharmony of the 5 elements ( tattvas)
    3. Like increases like ( that is, the more of the same gives you more of the same!)
    4.Whatever affects the body affects the mind ( and vice versa)
    5. Last, "as above, so below" - that is, every thing that exists in the universe has its couunterpart in the internal body-universe of the individual.

    These simple but insightful principles are something I can easily understand. Not sure if anyone on the forum is a expert but would like to hear more from them. I would like to see more western medicine take on this approach.

    यतस्त्वं शिवसमोऽसि
    yatastvaṁ śivasamo'si
    because you are identical with śiva


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    Re: What is Ayurveda?

    Hi vedic_kings,

    Well, I get all information regarding Ayurveda and come to know about advantages over medicines.I know Ayurveda is the knowledge or science, Veda, of life or longevity, ayur. It is the medical aspect of Vedic science, (regarded as an Upaveda or secondary Vedic system). Today it is perhaps the most commonly known of the Vedic sciences.I want more information regarding Ayurveda and its effects. Please provide me some useful link which guide me for Ayurveda.I am waiting for your positive reply.


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    Re: What is Ayurveda?

    Mythology says Brahma imparted the knowledge of life to his disciple Daksha Prajapati, and it was imparted to the Aswins, the twin gods, and later to Indra. At this time, humanity was suffering from pains and illnesses. It was decided that Dhanwantari who was an eminent sage reincarnated as Divodasa , and the sages Bharadwaja and Kashyapa go to heaven to learn the science from the king of Gods. Thats how Ayurveda descended from heaven to heal the humanity.

    Though the practitioner need not be a Sanskrit scholar, mastery of Sanskrit is essential for textual study, or an in-depth learning of the science.

    Yatraushadhi: samagmata rajana : samitavivaVipra:
    Sa uchyate bhishak raksho hameeva chataa Rig veda

    Only young men who possessed intelligence, courage and a good memory were eligible to practice this divine science in olden days.

    Sushruta, father of Surgery and a student of Divodasa Dhanwantari taught that the physician was to treat the patient as his own son. And a good physician had to be a good cook also to ensure his medicines were tasty

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    Talking AYURVEDA

    AYURVEDA is a holistic healing science which comprises of two words, Ayu and Veda. Ayu means life and Veda means knowledge or science. So the literal meaning of the word Ayurveda is the science of life. Ayurveda is a science dealing not only with treatment of some diseases but is a complete way of life. Read More
    "Ayurveda treats not just the ailment but the whole person and emphasizes prevention of disease to avoid the need for cure."
    Ayurvedic Medicine has become an increasingly accepted alternative medical treatment in America during the last two decades.
    Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicines
    * By using ayurvedic and herbal medicines you ensure physical and mental health without side effects. The natural ingredients of herbs help bring arogya to human body and mind. ("Arogya" means free from diseases). The chemicals used in preparing allopathy medicines have impact on mind as well. One should have allopathy medicine only when it is very necessary.
    * According to the original texts, the goal of Ayurveda is prevention as well as promotion of the bodys own capacity for maintenance and balance.
    * Ayurvedic treatment is non-invasive and non-toxic, so it can be used safely as an alternative therapy or alongside conventional therapies.
    * Ayurvedic physicians claim that their methods can also help stress-related, metabolic, and chronic conditions.
    * Ayurveda has been used to treat acne, allergies, asthma, anxiety, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, colds, colitis, constipation, depression, diabetes, flu, heart disease, hypertension, immune problems, inflammation, insomnia, nervous disorders, obesity, skin problems, and ulcers.

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    Re: What is Ayurveda?

    Nice info about Ayurveda.thanks for sharing with us...

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    Re: What is Ayurveda?

    The Ayurveda studies the physical and psychic behavior of people and prescribes ways for them to synchronize with their environment so as to live happy, healthy and inspired lives.

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    Re: What is Ayurveda?

    Ayurveda is combination of two words "ayus" and "veda". "Ayus" means life & "Veda" means knowledge or science. The complete term "Ayurveda" means the understanding of life. The principle of Ayurveda is to stop illness, heal the sick and preserve life. Ayurveda originated in India and is considered a few thousand years old science. Ayurveda in Kerala is being trained for such a long time that a very popular term "Kerala Ayurveda" has come up. Kerala Ayurveda packages are being extensively searched by people looking for ayurvedic treatments.
    Ayurveda promises to create an environment that leaved a persons body & mind, composed. It is a concept that is speedily catching up with the west. It is a blessed art of medicine which has its roots deep within the heart of India. You can also enjoy Ayurveda in Delhi.

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    Re: What is Ayurveda?

    Quote Originally Posted by vedic_kings View Post
    For those of you who may not know what Ayurveda is, here is an over view.

    Its terms, therefore, the biological humors, the elements and their qualities, do not originate from conceptual thought or scientific experiments but through direct observation of Nature herself. They represent the powers of Nature working within us, the great Gods or cosmic powers of the vital or life-plane to whom we must do homage (i.e. respect and follow their laws). Just as we have the powers of water, fire and wind working in the environment around us, so they work on a biological level within us. Just as allowing a fire to get too close will burn us externally, so allowing our inner fire to burn too highly will damage our internal organs.

    Ayurveda is a form of naturalistic medicine or naturopathy. According to its wisdom it is Nature herself that heals. All we can do is assist in her process by attuning ourselves to her movements. Therefore, Ayurveda emphasizes the balancing of the life-force within us as the basis of all treatment. Ayurveda is based on diet and herbs for its treatment but uses many specially prepared mineral substances as well. It provides us with a complete life-regime through an integrated science of life-style counseling that deals with body and mind, and with both the individual and society. Its goal is not to suppress our symptoms but to give us the tools to understand our nature and live in harmony with it.

    If anyone have any qusetions about ayurveda or health issues, feel free to ask
    Thank you so much, Vedic Kings, for your introduction. This yogic path may be what I need for healing and to balance my heart and mind. I tend to overthink everything, so the simplicity of this path's theory and depth of experience and wisdom will be helpful.

    "Be the change you wish to see in other people." ~Gandhi

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    Re: What is Ayurveda?

    The term 'Ayurveda' is made up of the two Sanskrit words 'Ayush' and 'Veda'. Ayush connotes life while Veda means science or knowledge. Therefore, 'Ayurveda' refers to the 'Science of Life' . Explore here to Know about Ayurveda Packages. .

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