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    Save The Breath

    Hari Om


    In Ayurveda there is the notion of 'save the breath'. That is, the principle that life is metered out by the number of breaths one is afforded.

    How is the breath connected to Jyotish? That of a division of time of the day ( Ahoratra or day and night)?

    It is said that 1 breath some call 1 prana = 4 seconds in a calm condition.
    Do we see this 4 seconds in Jyotish somewhere? If so we are connecting the breath to Bha Chakra ( or the zodiac).

    If we look at one sign or rasi it is equal to 30°. This 30 degrees = 2hrs of the day. 2 hrs X 12 signs = 24 hrs = 360°. Now if we take a sign and look to smaller increments we can go to degrees ° minutes ' and seconds ".

    This will be resolution or optics we will use here - minutes of an arc. So 30° X 60' per degree gives us 1800 ' ( minutes of an arc) per sign or rasi. What is this 1800' in time? We know it takes 2 hrs to transit 30°. So 2 hrs X 60 min per hr. X 60 min sec.= 7,200 seconds to complete 30° or 1 sign (rasi).

    Now 7,200 seconds of time divided by 1,800 arc min of distance = 4 seconds, or one breath. With each breath you take, the earth rotates 1/1800 min of an arc. This 1800 is 1+8+0+0 = 9 and is symbolic of the 9 graha the Zodiac houses.

    Each day then is 86,400 seconds in a day divided by 4 second breath = 21,600 breaths. If we multiply this 21,600 breaths X 1/1800 arc minutes do we get a circle? We get 21,600/1800 = 12 or 12 signs. 12 signs X 30 degrees = 360 ° and the circle.

    So the breath is connected to the movement of the earth, to the 12 signs, and to the rotation of the earth. Our life is connected to the breath and the Ayus or life span can be seen in various Jyotish divisional charts.

    In Jyotish there are multiple methods of calculating ones आयुस् Ayus i.e. life , vital power , vigour , health , duration of life , long life. Parashara muni reviews this in Chapt 45 of his Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra.

    Another offer is by Jaimini muni in his Upadasa Sutras ( Chpt 2). In each case there is several calculations then they are compared to each other to improve the prediction. Jaimini concerns himself with the following:
    • The sign occupied by the ascendant lord (Lagna lord)
    • The placement of the 8th house lord
    • The Lagna and the Hora Lagna
    • The moon and Saturn
    • Rudra and His position - Rudra is calculated based upon specific Jyotish rules
    • Relationship of Movable Fixed and Dual signs
    From this information one then can consider the native's life span of Alpa Ayus ( Short), Madhya Ayus ( middle) and Purna Ayus or long life. So , what is this division then? Without all the caveats, rules, conditions and exceptions, In Kali yuga the life spans look like this:
    • Short is from 32 to 40 years
    • Middle is from 64 to 80 years
    • Long is from 96 to 120 years. As 120 is the Vimshottari Dasa period length for Kali Yuga.
    Yet one will say Hey, I know folks that died earlier then 32 …yep and there are rules and riders that reduce the 32 year life span. Some will say I know of babies dying - yep this is called balaristha ( Infant death) and there are rules there too.

    It is influenced by Rudra so my teacher has reviewed and discussed. This is called kaksha hrasa or longevity reductions. Any way, just wanted to connect the dots from ones prana to the Janma Kundali or birth Chart.

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